18-Sep-2018Novato, CA+14 milesDogs for Sale
What a winsome looking dog Beau turned out to be. Evidently his parents were known; we wouldn't even guess this mixture: Shih Tzu and Mini Pinscher! He is not so comfortable at the shelter and misses his previous family. He did go to a foster home w...
10-Sep-2018Santa Rosa, CA+20 milesDogs for Sale
Fluffy boy puppy (My kids call him Airplane) is lovable and floppy and clumsy- he trips over his own feet. He s playful and can zoom around silly like but he can also calm down for a sweet gentle cuddle. Everyone that meets him falls in love with his fluffy face. ##325768##
10-Sep-2018Santa Rosa, CA+20 milesDogs for Sale
Big boy pup (My kids call him Diamond) This guy is huge. He is so playful and tough he seems like the bulky football jock of the group, always down for rough and tumble, chase and is the most interested in PLAYING. He loves toys and socks and leaves and anything he can carry around in his mouth. He has lots of Energy and wants to run, pounce, tackle and play keep away with everyone who engages ...
10-Sep-2018Santa Rosa, CA+20 milesDogs for Sale
Mama Roxy is a devoted mother and tends to her babies so well. She has just starting to jump over the pen and take breaks on the other side- whew it must be exhausting nursing three babies! But the important thing to note is that she is definitely a clever jumper, she clears a 3.5 pen easily. Maybe there s an agility dog inside her?? She s still very shy and scared of the world but has started ...
10-Sep-2018Santa Rosa, CA+20 milesDogs for Sale
Scruffy girl puppy (My kids call her Dream) has some skin issues and fur loss happening but she is still spunky and adorable. She has a really adorable wag and likes to be held. She also loves playing on the grass and chasing her brothers. She seems motivated to please people and likely will be easy to train. Fur loss was checked by veterinarian and negative for mites or skinn issue, likely an ...
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